My Unusual Life about me

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Either you must be a friend of mine who is curious to see this page, or you must have alot of time on your hands :-) 9/5/04 New feature Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read my random blogs on many important subjects,as well as some that are not so important. Anyway, if you cared enough to click this link I better give you something to think about. Here is a short list of things that I enjoy:

  • Thats me,sitting in a 2002 Sterling at work on March 6th 2004.NOOOO I can't really drive one of them, I was goofing around at work while we were unloading :-)

    and here I am again,this time in a 2004 Freightliner on July 7,2004

    below:this wonderful pic was taken during forgotten tour #16 on May 23,2004.Here you see your webmaster,in his normal state of dissary,on the 40 in Staten Island.This was during my ''grunge look'' period which thankfully lasted only about one week.

    below,at Snug Harbor,Staten Island, at the picnic that preceded the bus ride above, and no, I am not fat! The wind made my shirt look like that :-)

    Above:December 12,2004: here you see me riding the M3 on St Nicholas Ave on the way down to 145th street for FNY 18

    9/5/04...I am going to add a new feature to this particular page. A rambling blog of things that I wish to discuss and of course your comments are always welcome.Since it is the Labor Day Weekend, it is fitting to begin this blog with a discussion of The Summer of 2004

    Sadly, the sumer of '04 was one of the coolest,cloudiest and rainiest summers I have ever encountered. I can't bear to face another northeast winter without having enjoyed at least a decent amount of summer weather. Ok, there were a few high points to the summer. They include,but are not limited to:

  • the Staten Island trip [forgotton NY]
  • seeing Kiss and Poison Live
  • going to the SEMA show in Atlantic City,NJ with Louis
  • and of course, eating that strawberry sundae with Rocky Martino in Johnny Rockers lol
  • 9/8/04 ...soundtrack from Wicked arrived today.listening to it right now...

    above: yours truly across from big Shea,on 2/27/05 for FNY #19

    Above:On April 24th 2005 50 FNY members took part in the Bay Ridge Tour.

    Above: your webmaster in Fort Hamilton, on 4th avenue underneath the Veranzano Bridge.

    Above:Bay Ridge shopping district,5th ave and 86th st or thereabouts :-)

    On August 7th 2005 FNY met in Flushing to explore some very well hidden places. I myself came upon 2 things not on any map, and they are here for your perusal.First,below is an old fashioned deli, possibly from the 1960s, that just went out of business one day and was left, ''as is''. What a piece of forgotton nostalgia this is:

    Above: The weather was sunny and nice on 10/2/05 for FNY 22. More pics to be posted soon...

    Im just sittin' here watchin' the wheels go round and round...