Bad Drivers bad and unsafe drivers

Here you will see pictures of unsafe and dangerous drivers doing things that will defy logic. Lets get right into it shall we? The first idiot is this middle aged soccer mom:

On or about May 19th 2005 this fattie shot across a double yellow line in order to make an illegal u turn on private property. Seeing me take her picture, she flipped me the bird, as you can see. She actually stopped and rolled down the window to do this! She was driving a late model Chrysler minivan with the NJ the sticker ''MOM'S TAXI'' on the rear and was last seen heading north toward Emerson N.J. If you see this hag, you are cautioned to look the other way, she is scary to look at!

Above you see a 2002 Audi with the ''shore'' series NJ license plates who was spotted DWR...driving while reading a map, and i mean the gas station kind that opens all the way up. He had a female passenger with him, yet the driver had to be the one to read the map while driving. Of course he too flipped me the bird, but you cannot see it in the pic.

Above: Here is a personal favorite of mine.On June 27th,2005, the middle aged lady above attempted to park her $50,000 BMW on private property directly in front of a NO PARKING sign. When told to move, she copped an attitude and became belligerent and confrontational. Finally, she loaded her son back in the beamer, and proceeded to make a quick right, then a quick left,then a u-turn, then a right in order to get back where she started, then yet another u turn across busy 304 and then,and only then, did she get back to almost the same spot she started at. She was on a really important mission...taking her 14yo son to the store to buy darts.hmmm.........Anyway, if you see this BMW watch out for the old hag driving and don't let her block your driveway

Above: Here we have a new record--- 3 moving violations at one time!! And no surprise, its another female NJ driver :-) This menace to society was spotted driving her Audi Coupe on Sept 1st 2005 while talking on her cell phone. At the same time she crossed over a double yellow line and entered a private driveway in order to make an illegal u turn. When I asked her why she was driving that way she said ''I'm lost!!'' I mean she seemed to think that justifies driving in an unsafe manner. Anyhow, take a good look at her car and if you see her, I advise you to move out of her way, as she is most likely on her cell phone, making that sorely needed appointment with her beauty parlor.

Above Surprise!! Yet another lady driver talking on her hand held cell phone while driving. She barreled into a private driveway to make an illegal u turn, all the while talking on her cell phone. When I approached her and reminded her that it was illegal to drive and talk on a hand held cell phone and also to make a u turn on private property she simply said ''I'm lost!!'' as if that made it all ok. Take a good look at this lady, and if you see her in her brownish 2003 Corolla pull off the road--way off the road cause chances are ''shes lost''.

Above: Can you believe it? Yet another middle aged woman has flipped me off!! Its an epidemic. In fact, if you scroll through every bad driver seen on this page, each and every one is a middle aged woman. In today's event, the lady in the minivan above came barreling into my private driveway, to make an illeagal u turn. The problem was, I was walking to my car and she almost clocked me. When I told her not to make a u turn, she was agreeable at first, but when I chastised her for almost hitting me, she got abrasive. I should note that she had a little boy in the front seat, no more then 8 years old. She then pulled away, and that should have been the end of it, but it wasn't. She made another whacky u turn down the road, and as she passed me, she flipped me the bird, IN FRONT OF HER 8 YEAR OLD SON!! Of course, I was expecting nothing less from this heffer, so I was poised and ready to snap her pic. She went flying by, so the pic is not that good, but you can easily see that big cow arm outside the driver's side window. How would you like to go home to that at night? LOL!

Above: Here is something that really bugs me out. Look carefully at the car in the pic and just above the roof line you will see a balding, gray haired 50ish man. This inconsiderate bastard parked his Focus on private property in a HANDICAPPED SPOT and RAN, YES RAN, to go and play darts in a dart store. I ran after him and told him to move his car out of the handicapped spot, and he refused!! I quickly snapped this pic and the one of him leaving below, and upon seeing me he jumped in his car and fled. Tomorrow, I am talking the pictures to the police station and pressing charges against him. I will reveal the outcome in a future post, a soon as it transpires. UPDATE: One day after this pic was snapped the driver,identified by the police as being from Hawthorne NJ, was charged with parking in a handicapped space without valid placard as well as parking on private property without the owner's consent.A trial date has been set for the end of October. I will post the results of said trial at that time.UPDATE OCTOBER 20TH: GUILTY ON BOTH COUNTS!! parking on private property, $55.00 Parking in a handicapped spot, $285.00. Screw you next time don't park in a handicapped spot Matthew!

Above: 9/28/05 See this guy? He has no job. However, he loves to go to bars and throw darts so if you see him on the road, beware, as he cannot read.Here you see him getting back into his Nissan Sentra after being apprehended parking on private property without the owner's consent.

Above: See this jerk? He parked his 2001 Camry in the LEFT lane of North Conduit Avenue in Queens. I saw this guy walking in the grass to the left--he ducked out of site when I produced my camera. He refused to tell me why he parked his car in the fast lane, but soon after I snapped this pic he got back in and drove away. FYI, this happened on October 23rd 2005 so keep in mind this joker parks anyplace he feels like.