[Under Construction. Come back soon] The BQE,aka The Brooklyn Queens Expressway, is one of the worst designed highways in the city of New York. Look at the pic above, which I took early on a Sunday morning in July 2005. This is the entrance ramp from Northern Blvd in Queens, and as you can see, there is no acceleration lane whatsoever. Drivers have to nudge their way out onto the highway and then stomp the accelerator and hope they do not get rear ended by a motorist in the right lane doing 55mph.This particular stretch of the BQE is in very bad shape. Note how the concrete wall in the foreground has just rotted away, and you can clearly see the rebar showing through. Also, this section of the BQE is notorious for narrow lanes, sharp curves, and heavy truck traffic. The roadway always floods when it rains, and no attempt to fix this has ever been made. As I speak, this complete section of highway is being completely rebuilt. Lets take a look at some pics from the BQE's past,shall we?

Above are 2 pics I took around 1992. These were snapped under the Brooklyn Promonade, and on this particular day road construction had the highway at a dead stop--no surprise there, so i got out and snapped these neat pics.