Conduit Avenue and Linden Boulevard Conduit Avenue and Linden Boulevard

Conduit Avenue is a long stretch of unforgiving road in Queens that runs parallel to the Belt Parkway in some places. In some places the avenue is so wide that it is separated by a huge grassy median and the roadway is effectively divided into North Conduit Avenue and South Conduit Avenue. North Conduit Avenue splits off at Linden Boulevard, and this whole stretch of road has always been plagued by crashes, and I mean BAD crashes.In the photos below, the ramp to the left forks off onto Linden Boulevard while the roadway on the right continues north on Conduit Avenue. These photos were taken on 1/21/07 and as it happened, the night before a truck blasted into the sign dividing the roadways. Note how the sign is tilted and appears ready to fall. Even worse, take a look at the close up pictured of the sturdy concrete base. Thats a solid concrete base, anchored deep into the ground, yet the truck was able to dislodge it several feet. Over the years alot of passenger cars have hit this base, but this was the first time I had even seen it dislodged. Interestingly enough, the very next Sunday, 1/28/07 I passed by the same spot and the entire sign and pole had been removed by the city. The tilted base is still there though.