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Cross Bronx Expressway crashes

Bad Crashes on the Cross Bronx Expressway

Does this scene look familar? It should, because there are more accidents on this highway due to the never ending construction and to the fact that since most of the highway has already been rebuilt it is smooth as silk and people seem to drive much too fast on it. If you are wondering what the Honda accord hit here is a picture of the victim:

As you can see, the 1988 Honda Accord rear ended a 1997 Lincoln Town Car. I was right there that Sunday morning at 7:00 am and that Honda hit the Lincoln full speed. The Lincoln had come to a dead stop in the left lane for no apparent reason and the Honda just plowed right into him. Although the Honda was totalled, the Lincoln only had minor rear bumper damage and was easily driven home from the scene.

Now the Lincoln owner in the pictures below was not as lucky.

Not only was the car totalled, but as you can see the guest of honor can be seen lying under a yellow tarp next to the Highway 1 RMP. Needless to say this driver expired at the scene, as his 1998 Lincoln Town Car was struck by a tour bus in the wee hours of the morning.

So you want to see some blood and guts huh?Of course you do, thats why you're here! The pic above was snapped on 11/12/00 on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn. The Audi overturned several times before comming to rest ''on it's feet.'' Here is the way it looked from another angle:

Continuing on our way in Queens, check out this car that turned turtle on the GCP:

Further out, back on the Belt Parkway, this suv flipped over at North Conduit Avenue on September 28,2008