The Mill Basin Drawbridge Mill Basin Drawbridge

Above is the view of the Mill Basin Drawbridge that all of you know. Ever wonder why those metal plates are in the right lane and over the entire walkway? Lets take a look below and see some interesting things, shall we?

above: I am standing underneath southeast base of the bridge looking west. Please note these pics were all taken 12/24/06 in the winter, which accounts for the lack of foliage.Lets now proceed underneath the span and see how she is holing up.

Looking directly above you can see the planking that is reinforcing the walkway. If you scroll back to the top pic you can see the metal plates covering the entire walkway. You might think that the city has neglected this bridge, which is not entirely true.Every few years, they repave the entire roadway, and 2 years ago they finally upgraded the center median to prevent head on accidents.The sad truth is the city seems to care about what you can see rather then what you can't. The salt water from Mill Basin has badly eaten away at the concrete infrastructure of the bridge, and has eaten away at some of the steel as well. It has no effect on the pavement whatsoever, it is confined to the underside of the bridge and the walkways. There is no danger of a roadway collapse or a "see through" pothole however the walkways are indeed in poor shape. If not for the steel plates you would be able to see through to the water in many spots.

Above you can see one of several abandoned boats lining the shoreline. If it had been a little warmer I would have tested her to see if she was sea worth..or not

Above you can see the local grafitti artists have found this place as well. Much as i do not like grafitti, it does seem to lend itself to this very secluded and eerie place.

Above, you are looking at the rot underneath the northeast base of the bridge.

Above,topside, the traffic is heading west to east on a sunny Sunday.