Noteworthy Potholes Potholes

The following potholes are worthy of note. Wherever possible I have named the exact location, in case you do not recognize the local. While many of these pictures are recent, a good many were taken when I was a kid and they are so noted.

Above: This pic was taken on 10/15/05 in Sommerville

Above: Conduit Ave October 23rd 2005

Above: Another view of Conduit Ave. NYC DOT, in all its wisdom, scraped the entire length of Conduit Ave leaving a 6'' rise around all the manhole covers, causing alot of flat tires and lost mufflers.

Below you see what happens when you build highway bridges with sub grade concrete.These 2 pics were taken 3/4/07 on the BQE facing the Koskiosko Bridge.

The picture above was taken on 9/9/07 on an exit ramp off the BQE. The steel plate has come loose and has created a situation that is worse then if there was no plate covering the "deep" sewer at all.

Above: taken March 2011 on the ramp from Route 80 west into Paterson N.J.