The Pulaski Skyway The Pulaski Skyway

Because of the recent collapse of the I 35 bridge in MN, the engineers are rushing around to recheck some of the local bridges deemed unsafe. The Pulaski Skyway has a poor rating, so I wanted to rush publication of this page to help educate the public. Most of these pictures were taken in August 2007 while the video was made in October 2007.

The Pulaski Skyway is a marvelous concrete and iron structure that links Jersey City with Kearney and Newark. It is one of the most photogenic structures in the entire state but also one of the most unsafe ones as well. Trucks are banned from the skyway, as the lanes are too narrow and there are some steep hills as well. There is no shoulder on the entire span, so if you get a flat tire up there you are in trouble.

Above, you are looking toward Kearney and Newark. You can clearly see there are no breakdown lanes and also note the accumulated debris on the side of the road.

Here you can see a similar view, but from the center island. Again, note all the debris along the sides and nest to the median. If thats not bad enough, wait till you see whats behind me in the pic below

You can get an idea where I am standing in the pic above. Note the old camper shell which has been lying here for over a year. I imagine it blew off a pickup truck one windy day and has been lying here ever since.

Does this look safe to you? Here you can see the exposed electrical lines at the base of a light pole. The safety cover has long since disappeared, and the wires have been exposed to the elements. Some would wonder about the possibility of electrocution, but I am not even sure that this light even functions, of course that is purely conjecture on my part.

Continuing a bit, we come upon the ever so common cracked expansion joint. The joint itself is ok but the concrete around it has broken out. This is one of the many reasons I do not think bridges should be made out of concrete. You will see a few more as you scroll down

No, this is not a picture of the West Side Highway from 1971. This is 2007 and this is the ledge on the Pulaski Skyway. This is on the Jersey City bound side, and you can see the concrete around the expansion joint has completely broken away, and you can see the road below through this hole.Yikes!

This is a wider shot of the same general area.

This is the same general area,but facing Kearney. Look at the very bottom of the pic and you will see that big piece of broken concrete mentioned above.

The 2 pictures above were taken in late September 2007. This is the 1-9 connector that runs parallel to the Skyway, which is on the left side of these pictures. Note how the curb has worn down to a steel point and if anyone strays too far to the right side you can say goodbye to your two right side tires. Instant flats!

The picture above as taken underneath the skyway facing Newark. The skyway is actually above on your left, while the road on your right is the 1-9 connector.

Above is an underview of the skyway facing Jersey City. Note the graffiti and the deteriorating concrete underneath the structure. In a few weeks I will add some photos from the roadway itself.